Feature: Have customers fill write their shipping address on the secure page

When I tried your system out, the customer is required to fill out their shipping address on my site's insecure page.  Why not have them fill that out on your secure page?  As a customer, I would not feel comfortable filling out my address etc. on an insecure page.  Sure, it's not a credit card number, but still, I don't feel like sending out my name, mailing address and phone number across an insecure connection. 

If there is some simple setting to change this that would be great.  As it is, I can't use the product.

If I somehow messed up, and the address information is supposed to be filled out on your secure page and I just messed something up please let me know.  



PS  Besides that issue it seems like a fine product. 

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    Glendon Harris

    I agree Kevin! This would be a very useful feature. 

    As it is, I'm having the problem of, with a shippable product, the "Shipping Address" form comes up initially in the Checkout, then on pressing Continue, I get a blank page instead of the usual secure Mijireh Checkout form! In this case it would be most useful for a Shipping Address form to be on the secure page. 

    Is there a simple setting to change this? I'd love to know it if there is! :)


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