Taking Your Store Live

After you have finished your Mijireh integration, and completed some test transactions, you will want to take it live so you can begin to accept payments from your customers.  Also, when in test mode, no transactions will ever get sent to your Payment Gateway, so you will also need to go live to test the gateway settings on your account.

Taking your store live for the first time is accomplished by clicking on the green "GO LIVE!" Button on your Pre-Launch widget:

Note that this button is ONLY available if the three checks are all visible.  If one of the Pre-Launch steps is not complete, then that check will not be visible, and that step must be complete before you can take your store live. You can click on the incomplete step in the Pre-Launch widget to find more information about that step.


If you have previously taken your store live, please follow the steps below:

To take you store live, all you need to do is go to your Stores summary page.  On that page, you will see the section that says "Current Mode".  If your store is in test mode, it will look like this:


To take your store live, just click the little "eye" symbol.  You will receive a message confirming that your store is now live:


To revert back to test mode for any reason, just repeat the steps.  The mode will now look like this:


When you click the symbol, you will receive a dialog box popup that asks you to confirm taking your store out of live mode:


Choosing OK, will take your store offline and you will receive this confirmation message:


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