Payment gateway in Taiwan??

Hi everybody here,

I own a small company here in Taiwan and recently we asked some guys to
design our new website with an online shopping cart. Now it’s almost finished
but we are testing the checkout system.

I am a 3d designer and I don’t know much about the technology of e-commerce.
The guys designing our wordpress shopping cart (woocommerce) told me to
register an account in your website so they can connect everything to my bank
account. I did it, I used my email to register and passed the first 2 steps in Mijireh's
website but now I am stuck in the 3rd step – the payment gateway.

I searched the list and couldn’t find a payment gateway for my country – Taiwan.
Actually I don’t know what the “payment gateway” is, I guess this means a system
to transfer the money from my customer’s credit card from whom shop on my online
store to my bank account, is that right?

I asked the webpage designing guys which one should I choose and they said
I can choose whatever I like, but I don’t think so.

So what should I do if I don’t have an option with my country?

Btw, the webpage designing guys told me once the woocommerce shopping
cart setting is completed, I will have the ability to charge my customer’s credit
card without paying any money to anybody, but in my thought it got to be wrong
because one must pay some institute or company (=payment gateway?) to
legally have the right to charge from somebody’s credit cards online.

I am confused now because these guys seem not so responsible for explaining
and solving the whole mechanism. That’s why I ask for help here. Can anybody
tell me what should I do now?

I really need help. Thank you very much.

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    The Whizzy

    Hi, did your issue get resolved?

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