What is a PEM?

What is the PEM in regards to Quickbooks Merchant Services? I've contacted Intuit's tech support and they've never heard of it. Typically all that is required by most shopping carts is AppLogin or AppID and Connection Ticket.

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    Ben Tyson

    I have the exact same problem, and question. Can someone from Mijireh PLEASE answer this? No one at Intuit/quickbooks merchant services has a flying clue about the *required* PEM field. Where do I find it??? Thanks

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    Scott Konradt

    Ben, I don't wanna put words in someone else's mouth, but to save you time and aggravation, Mijireh isn't supporting QBMS integration right now. For the past few days I've been in contact with support, both Intuit and Mijireh. As you said, no one at Intuit knows anything about generating a PEM certificate even though it's documented (not very well) on their developer site. Depending on your needs, check out Mijireh's sister service, CloudSwipe.com. Although, it is an entire shopping cart solution, but as I've been told, it doesn't require a PEM.

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