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I've got Mijireh running on my woocommerce shop and i'm using paypal pro as my gateway. We have had customers ordering merchandise but we havent recieved any payments and they all used the mijireh payment plugin.. so today one of them tells us that he did order but after he entered all his information and clicked on place order there was an error that stated "Merchant Country is not Supported". I thought this was odd so i placed an order myself and got the same error.

Why is this?

I Live in Sweden and i choose UK in Mijireh>Paypal Pro>Region>UK>Currency>SEK.


Please get this fixed or if i'm doing something wrong tell me so i can fix it since this is critical for my shop!

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    I have exactly the same problem. Did you manage to fix yours?

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    Lee Blue

    Mijireh only has support for PayPal Pro account in the US, UK, or Canada. So, if you live somewhere other than those areas, you end up getting the error message "Merchant Country is not Supported." 

    The good news is that we recently just updated Mijireh with support for 93 payment gateways representing 69 countries. So it is now much easier for folks to find a suitable payment gateway.

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    Matt Baxter

    Have submitted a ticket request about this error and not received any feedback or support. It's highly critical as the bug is stopping people from paying for products. Keep getting the error BillingCountry value is too long. Mijireh needs to pass only 2 characters to Sagepay for this like UK, instead it's submitting United Kingdom so Sagepay doesn't accept it. What's the fix please otherwise I'lll be having to source an alternative payment processor.

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